The Treehouse Project: Part 1 – Research

I’m fortunate enough that my suburban existence includes a home featuring ample backyard space. It makes up for the fact that a quality bakery serving up fresh bagels is really nowhere to be found out here. So while my periodic cravings for boiled, ring shaped bread products may be going unfulfilled, I can happily stare […]

Let’s use those REI dividends!

One of the benefits of being a member of REI is the dividend they send you every March. It’s one of those little treats I forget about, then when it shows up in my mailbox, it puts a big smile on my face. The dividend also comes with a 20% coupon off any regularly priced […]

The Weston Town Green

How to find it Set your GPS for the Weston Town Hall at 11 Townhouse Road, Weston, MA 02493 or find it on Google Maps It’s great because… If you’re looking for a postcard New England scene outside of the city with open space for kids of all ages to run around, this it. Outdoor […]

Day Tripping: Beverly Farms

For the uninitiated, Beverly Farms is not a farm. It’s the northeastern-most section of the town of Beverly, MA. Travel just a mile or two to the north and you are in idyllic Manchester-by-the-Sea. And really, this part of Beverly is more Manchester than its namesake. As you drive along the twisting path of Rte. […]

We Found It On Craigslist! 03.29.13

The title says it all. We search and curate for you. You click and view. So grab your coffee, settle into your Aero chair, try to look like you are working hard on those TPS reports and prepare to be inspired. Schwinn Le Tour Racing Bike: You’ve got to love a vintage road bike that […]

First Hike (Walk) Of Spring

Alright people. It’s officially Spring. The vernal equinox is in our rear view and the snow storm has melted to mud (cue next snow storm). It may not feel or look like it outside, but in the near future you’ll be pulling your shorts out of an oversized tupperware container and stuffing all your wool socks […]

How To: Join (or start) A Weekly Bike Ride

If your bike is sitting in your basement/garage collecting cobwebs and you are looking for an easy way to motivate yourself to get outside and bike more—Join a group! Setting recurring plans with reminders (like, in your google calendar) will help you add it to your mental list of actual to-dos. Once your rides reside […]

Wow, A Comet!

Finally, an excuse to look at the sun! This Sunday evening(March 10), if the skies are clear and the mood is right, take your loved ones outside to watch the sunset. There’s no need to tell them why, just get them out there. A skosh to the left of that setting sun, you should see […]

Plan Ahead: Summit Katahdin

(And enjoy the rest of Baxter State Park while you are at it) Is this the year you finally conquer the Knife’s Edge; that final climb on the Appalachian Trail? While peak bagging Katahdin is not for families with little ones it’s certainly possible for a few families to spend a week here together and for some […]