A Bike Ride On Battle Road Trail in Concord, MA

Photo Credit: Medeleine Ball


Photo Credit: David Smith

Photo Credit: David Smith

For something less urban, try out the Battle Road Trail that connects Lexington and Concord. As part of Minuteman National Park, this is a must do if revolutionary war history is of interest to you as the trail marks the path once undertaken by British soldiers from Boston to Concord. Markers along the trail tell the stories from this area’s history. There are four parking lots along the gravel based trail that are free of charge. But the visitor’s center near the Lexington end of the trail will give you a chance to pick up a map, scope out some historical landmarks along the route, and ask a park ranger any questions you might have before setting forth.If a guided bike tour sounds appealing, check out Concord Bike Tours.

Regardless of how you take in the Battle Road, afterwards you’ll want to take a short diversion into nearby Weston to visit the Cedar Hill Dairy Joy.  This is no ordinary roadside ice cream stand. A variety of tasty burgers sprinkle the menu. Try the Smokehouse Burger.

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