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Night Hikes: Full Moon Feaver

Night hikes. Have you ever done one on purpose? If you are like us, there has surely been a time or two you’ve white-knuckle hiked down a mountain trail in the dark. You may have been without a headlamp and cursing the person(if it wasn’t you) who hours earlier promised you wouldn’t need a map […]

Thanksgiving: Our Recipes For Outdoor Fun

It’s Thanksgiving and at some point you will watch Planes, Trains & Automobiles. It can be very easy to treat our nation’s only sanctioned four day holiday as an excuse to sit on the couch and ignore the outdoors. But Thanksgiving weekend, with all it’s carb-loading meals and extended family visits is actually an outdoor […]

Gear: The Humble Thermos

Sometimes an incentive helps get kids outdoors. When the weather turns cold, kids never refuse hot cocoa with marshmallows. The next time you head outside for a chilly day walk/hike/whatever consider whipping up a batch of hot cocoa before you leave the house. Not only can you use it as a lure to get them […]

How To Cancel Your Aquarium Plans In Boston, MA

Adjust their sight line: Sometimes distraction is the best medicine The audible has been made, you are canceling the original plans. You need to broach this with the clan, but if you do it while standing at the back of that ridiculous line, things are not going to go well. Gather the kids and tell them […]

Christopher Columbus Waterfront Park In Boston, MA

Park it: Burn off some of their steam while you hatch a plan Imagine with us: You are now standing in Christopher Columbus Waterfront Park. This park on it’s own is a great destination in Boston. There’s a playground, room to throw a frisbee, a hibiscus covered trellis, and a water fountain made specifically for cooling off […]

Explore The Rose Fitzgerald Greenway In Boston, MA

Can you remember when it used to be the central artery? Say what you will about the long term efficacy of the Big Dig, sticking that mess underground bound the city together. Previously, if you wanted to get from Faneuil Hall to the North End, you would have had to walk through a you-know-what soaked tunnel […]