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Night Hikes: Full Moon Feaver

Night hikes. Have you ever done one on purpose? If you are like us, there has surely been a time or two you’ve white-knuckle hiked down a mountain trail in the dark. You may have been without a headlamp and cursing the person(if it wasn’t you) who hours earlier promised you wouldn’t need a map […]

How To: Letterboxing

Geochaching is fun, but if you want to ditch the GPS, letterboxing is the way to go. One of the perks of writing for OFC is we keep discovering new and exciting things to do. To wit, letterboxing. While surfing the web for nuggets of geochache nirvana we stumbled upon letterboxing, sort of a second […]

Tubing The Saco in Conway, NH

Saco Canoe Rental is about a 2 ½ hour drive from Boston but this is time well spent. From speedy rapids to slow glides along the river with one one of these floating next to you(yes, they rent them on site), these guys have different tubing options to accommodate any mood/group. No need to bring extra cars, your […]

Swimming At Bingham Falls in Stowe, VT

You’ll never forget this: Located off Rte 108 just a bit below the Stowe Ski Resort, Bingham Falls is a quintessential Vermont swimming hole. Park in the turn-around across the street from the trail. You will know you are on the right path because you’ll hear the growing sound of millions of gallons of water. The […]

Conquer Smugglers’ Notch By Bike In Stowe, VT

Up the ante with a difficult road ride: The Notch Road (Rte 108)to the peak of Smugglers’ Notch in Stowe, Vermont is steep and winding. It is not for beginners. Think twice before attempting to conquer this with your single gear beachcruiser or even a mountain bike. However, if you are a road rider, this will […]

Plum Island Bike Ride

The wonderful thing about heading out to Plum Island for a bike ride is how many activities you can include in your day. In addition to cycling, pack your day with bird watching, building sand castles on the beach, exploring tidal pools, even take a short hike amongst the beauty of the North Shore. And […]

Go Fly A Kite At Larz Anderson Park

Flying a kite may evoke memories of trees, knotted string, and waiting for wind, but when it all comes together, it’s pretty cool. No matter your age, you’ll never get tired of watching a kite climb higher and higher into the sky. Feeling it pull against their grip, kids get the added treat of feeling […]