Let’s use those REI dividends!

One of the benefits of being a member of REI is the dividend they send you every March. It’s one of those little treats I forget about, then when it shows up in my mailbox, it puts a big smile on my face. The dividend also comes with a 20% coupon off any regularly priced […]

Gear: The Humble Thermos

Sometimes an incentive helps get kids outdoors. When the weather turns cold, kids never refuse hot cocoa with marshmallows. The next time you head outside for a chilly day walk/hike/whatever consider whipping up a batch of hot cocoa before you leave the house. Not only can you use it as a lure to get them […]

How To: Letterboxing

Geochaching is fun, but if you want to ditch the GPS, letterboxing is the way to go. One of the perks of writing for OFC is we keep discovering new and exciting things to do. To wit, letterboxing. While surfing the web for nuggets of geochache nirvana we stumbled upon letterboxing, sort of a second […]

How To: Geocaching

If you want your kids to love hiking as much as you do, start by calling it a “treasure hunt” Great hikes often involve a goal. Climbing a mountain to get above the tree line so you can look out over the valley below…navigating through a remote forest to find a waterfall hidden deep in […]