May 9, 2012 / Issue #5

Mother’s Day 2012

“Go outside and play!”

If you are a mother, your day is this Sunday. It’s possible that peace, quiet, and deep tissue massage is high on your Mother’s Day wishlist. So if you want to set up a massage table on the back porch, out in the middle of the lawn, or head into town for a wine infused spa day, then you’ve got the OFC seal of approval. But if you are looking for a way to make this Sunday a whole-family-special kind of Mother’s Day, we’ve got some ideas on making memories with some outdoor activities and DIY gifts kids can get their hands dirty with that will still make Mom smile.

Light up the night

Photo Credit: Maureen Didde

Photo Credit: Maureen Didde

A DIY project with mason jars that mom can enjoy with dad after the kids are asleep.

The nights are getting warmer and the backyard beckons you to spend time out there even after the sun goes down. Unless, you’re looking to channel your full nocturnal skills and dance only by moonlight, dancing by candlelight is the best approach. But the problem with candles and backyards is the potential for turning that moonlight dance with someone special into giving statements to the local fire marshall while his team hoses off your deck. So you need to design some backyard lanterns that are as safe as they are charming.

Believe it or not, mason jars fit the bill. With the additon of wire, sand and votive candles, you can easily construct some rustic outdoor lanterns. Hang them from some trees and when the sun goes down you’ve transformed your deck, patio, or backyard into a scene from a fairy tale. And this time, mom gets to be the princess.

Give the gift of pesto

Photo Credit: Jasmine

Photo Credit: Jasmine

Easy to grow. And make.

If you’re looking for a local (and we mean local) meal to serve the special mom in your life, pesto is a winner even if you rarely go through the cabinets in your kitchen.  It’s almost a lock that you have pasta, olive oil, salt, and pepper in the house already.  All you need from the store is garlic (and parm and pine nuts (if you want to go all out). As an added bonus, your kids can help grow the main ingredient and make the meal.

Here are some simple steps to create a Mother’s Day gift that will last for months:

Step 1: Buy a few small starter plants, clay container pots, and some potting soil from your local garden center.
Step 2: Use markers, paint, or even chalk to draw some designs and a note to mom directly on the pots.
Step 3: Plant the basil in your pots.
Step 4: Position the pots in a sunny window or on the deck for mom to see.
Step 5: Follow this recipe if you need one and don’t forget to clean those Margarita remnants from the blender.

Trust us, this will put a smile on mom’s face throughout the summer. Especially the personalized pots. Moms love that stuff.

Verrill Farm

Photo Credit: Jon Collier

Photo Credit: Jon Collier

Munch brunch, then sally forth.

Celebrate Mom at Verrill Farm‘s annual brunch at their Concord farm. It costs a little money($30/adult, $10/kids under 10), but you’ll be eating outside(under tents) with views of their farm’s fields and there’s usually some stuff for kids to climb on and have a little fun. Everyone gets outside, everyone gets fed, and there’s no mess in the kitchen.

Duck into the stand with mom to pick up those basil plants(see below) for the garden and fresh cut basil for Mom’s dinner(don’t worry, we checked and they have both in stock).

Reservations are required and this event sells out every year. Call 978.369.4494 to let them know you will be there.

Walden is around the corner:  After brunch, take everyone on a seven minute journey to Walden Pond for a shoreline hike. It’s probably too early to swim, but a 1.7 mile loop around the pond will send everyone home happy and ready for summer. It’s the perfect hike to scout out the best private swimming spots you’ll want to take advantage of when you come back in July and August. Parking is $5/car.