June 13, 2012 / Issue #10

Biking, Mountain Style

Mountain biking is a lot like hiking but you cover more ground and, if you want, a velocity induced adrenaline rush can be part of the day. We’ve compiled a few different rides from entry level to expert. With something for everyone, you don’t have any excuses not to get onto a trail this weekend.

If you are a Dad, feel free to ask for this Sunday sans kids so you can spend Father’s Day with a couple other dads on a more difficult trail like Lynn Woods. Just don’t come home with a cast.

A list of links to the NEMBA (New England Mountain Bike Association) pages for each ride are at the end of the email. There you will find a more detailed description of each ride (along with many others) as well as map links and many other helpful details.

Mountain biking In Lynn Woods

Photo Credit: Robert S. Donovan

Photo Credit: Robert S. Donovan

Leave the little ones at home but impress your teenagers…

While Lynn Woods may not be B.C. level mountain biking, it is definitely the most agro ride within an hour of Boston. It’s predominantly difficult single track with a lot of hills and some serious rock negotiations. Serious enough that the writer of this post once cracked a few ribs (and a bike frame) on a descent from the stone(r) tower.

That said, it’s great! The view from the top of the tower looks out over the ocean and back at Boston – you’ll be surprised how outdoorsy you are able to be so close to the big city.

Be sure to bring a spare tire or patch kit, there are a few areas with some broken glass.

Eat Up: After your ride grab some grub at Tacos Lupita or Pho Minh Ky. Both spots are inexpensive and excellent.


Mountain Biking In Chebacco Woods

Photo Credit: vastateparkstaff

Photo Credit: vastateparkstaff

Come for the gentle, smooth, fire roads, stay for the wookies.

An entry level mountain bike adventure awaits you at Chebacco Woods. The terrain is mostly easy to moderate with nice pond views along your route. Take the kids and let them get a sense of how great biking in the woods can be so some day when they get older they’ll be up for that trip to British Columbia you’ve been dreaming of for years.

Don’t forget to pack some kid-friendly bug spray before you go. There’s nothing that can kill a kid’s will to explore the woods more than a swarm of mosquitos.

Mountain Biking At Great Brook Farm

A great first ride for kids

Want to initiate your family into the joys of mountain biking without worrying if they’ll be able to shred their way down a washout or peddle over gnarly roots without ditching on the side of the trail? Great Brook Farm in Carlisle, MA is the place for you. Lots of easy, groomed trails for entry level riders? Check. A few difficult runs to show off your skills and tempt them all with what they could someday master if they keep at it? Check. Working dairy farm, animal petting zoo and ice cream stand? Check, check….and mate. You should really check this place out.

Cost: You’ll need $2 to park the car, but bring more cheddar for post ride ice creams.