June 27, 2012 / Issue #12

Go Speed Racer, Go!

This month we’ve made a concerted effort to focus our efforts on biking. We’ve helped you discover family friendly city rides, all day beach rides, rail trail rides, and entry-to-expert mountain biking. If you’ve motivated onto your bikes this past month, nice work! If your thighs still haven’t felt the burn, here are a few options for grown ups that will get you there in a hurry.

This week we focus on races, and they may be easier to negotiate sans kids. If it’s an option, consider dropping the kids off with your folks for a day or two. We know you love them, but it’ll do them (and you) good if they spend a few days with your folks. Any one of these races would make for an amazing weekend adventure full of memories…and possibly, devoid of parental responsibilities…

Summit Mt Ascutney, On A Bike


Photo Credit: Bareknuckleyellow

Hey Dude, into the whole brevity thingHere’s a race that starts at 9AM and will be over in time for you to make it to brunch(or your league bowling match). Only 3.7 miles separates you and your (road) bike from the summit of Mt Ascutney. Stage five of the 10 stage Bike Up the Mountain Point Series (BUMPS) will have you out of your seat virtually the entire way as you gain 2,300 feet of elevation on your way to the finish line. Make sure your cheering section drives up to the summit before the race so they can be there to rattle cow bells for you as you conquer the last 100 feet of the climb.

Feeling that tri-training coming through? You can get up the next morning and run the same route!

When: 9AM, Saturday July 21, 2012
Where: At the base of Ascutney State Park
Where To Stay: Want to be one with nature? You can camp out right where the race is held in Ascutney State Park. However, consider The Woodstock Inn in nearby Woodstock, VT as well. After a day like this, you deserve the best bath and bed (not to mention brunch) in the area.

VT50 Mountain Bike or Run

Photo Credit: Joseph Nicolia

Photo Credit: Joseph Nicolia

The VT50 has 50 miles of gorgeous back country trails just waiting for you. The question is, how do you want to tackle this. Are you wicked-nuts-crazy? Then just run the whole thing by yourself. Are you just normal-insane? Mountain bike it with a few friends. Closer to normal? Sign up for the relay run and split the 50 miles into three stages. Oddball with a an equally oddball friend? Tandem Mountain bike it. Anyway you slice it, there will probably be a lost toe nail or two by the end of your day but you’ll have a memory, and not one that many others have – yours will involve an entire day of riding or running, followed by a good old fashioned country cookout with live music, lots of food and a pint of commemoritive maple syrup.

Do you have your kids with you? They can get in on the action as well. There are 1/2 mile and 1 mile running races for them on registration day.

When: 6AM, September 30th, 2012
Where: Ascutney Mountain Resort
Where To Stay: The Ascutney Mountain Resort is the place for you. They have suites with kitchenettes and multiple bedrooms that work great for families and the race starts and ends outside your door.

PanMass Challenge

Photo Credit: Erik Hansen

Photo Credit: Erik Hansen

Does the idea of actually registering and completing the PanMass Challenge seem impossible? It’s not. In fact, they have several different ride options. From entry level (a one day 25 mile loop) to expert (two days, 192 miles), there are rides here for everyone. Regardless of which one you choose, you’ll be able to give yourself a gentle pat on your (most likely sore) back for being part of such an amazing fundraiser to help end cancer. There’s no other single event in the country that raises more money. To increase the fun and motivation factor, get a group of friends and do this ride together, maybe even in honor of a mutual friend. Pick a race length that is manageable for everyone and plan a celebratory dinner for the evening after the race, you’ve earned it.

When: August 4th and 5th, 2012

Where: Various locations from Sturbridge to Provincetown, there’s something for everyone.