July 25, 2012 / Issue #16

Fresh Water Fun

If a stranger casually walked up to you and said, “Hey you, awesome person, where should we go swimming today?”, your response would probably sound something like, “Check out Crane, Wingaersheek or Duxbury Beach!” Perhaps, if you were on your game that day and said person gave off a literary vibe, you might throw Walden Pond into the mix as well.

While we love all of these beaches, this week, we say, “Pass the salt(water)!” and head for fresh water streams. You’re refreshment is guaranteed, and seeing as it’s an epicly bad greenhead season, your skin will thank you as well.

Dinosaur Footprints In Holyoke, MA

Just a few minutes past Greenfield lies bucolic Holyoke, MA. And in Holyoke we have found a spot that will surely widen your kids’ eyes. In fact, we recommend not even telling them why you are going to Holyoke just to up the surprise factor when you get out on the trail. Perhaps, add this stop on to the beginning or end of your trip to Greenfield. Either way, it’ll be cool. There is a short walk along the Connecticut River and it is littered with dinosaur tracks. That’s right, dinosaur tracks. We dare you to try explaining the concept of ‘190 million years ago’ to your children in the car on the ride home.

Incidentally, Dinosaur tracks is not a sanctioned swimming area but it does happen to be right along the Connecticut River and folks have been known to swim there before…but you didn’t hear it from us!

Directions: 193 High St, Holyoke, MA 01040
Admission: Free!

Green River Swimming and Recreational Center In Greenfield, MA

Here’s a great place for kids to get their first swimming hole experience. No long walk to get to the swimming hole and not sketchy at all, this spot is actually located within Green River Swimming and Recreation Park in Greenfield, MA. There’s a per person use fee ($8 for adults and $6 for kids), but you’ll also have access to bathrooms, a picnic area and even a large playground.

Basically, it’s a park but with a great swimming hole attached. If you feel like being extremely outdoorsy, the Riverside Community Bike Path, a paved bike trail that starts right in the park, will lead you on a short ride into downtown Greenfield.

Directions: Nash’s Mill Rd, Greenfield, MA 01301


Tubing The Saco in Conway, NH

Photo Credit: Maotx

Photo Credit: Maotx

Saco Canoe Rental
 is about a 2 ½ hour drive from Boston but this is time well spent. From speedy rapids to slow glides along the river with one one of these floating next to you(yes, they rent them on site), these guys have different tubing options to accommodate any mood/group. No need to bring extra cars, your own tubes or anything really, they’ve got it all covered, even the rope swings along the river!

Unless you are the kind of person who loves 2 ½ hour drives after spending the entire day relaxing on the river, plan to stay overnight. Camping along the Saco is actually free so if you are that kind of group, go for it.

If you prefer to have a few amenities, Fiddlehead Campground is the choice for you. The campsites are located along the river and it’s quite a bit less rowdy than some of the other whitewater rafting campgrounds in the area, which tend to be more bender-oriented on summer weekends.

Directions: 326 White Mountain Highway Conway, NH 03818
Reservations:  603.447.4275 or  reservations@sacocanoerental.com