December 28, 2012 / Issue #34


Do you know those moments when you craft a perfect outdoor plan for the upcoming weekend only to realize you were the 7,000,972nd person to think of it and it’s booked solid until next year? We all do. It happens. Our minds are so crowded with the daily grind and the plot details of Homeland that it’s a wonder we show up for work most mornings!

Relax a minute, we’ve got your back on this one. We’ve compiled a list of some great outdoor New England adventures with all the details you’ll need to ensure you don’t miss out-and when you arrive, just tell them you are a guest of the Underhills.

The time to commit is now! It may seem odd to plan a summer camping trip in the heart of winter, but if you don’t commit to a few fun adventures now, your options will be severely limited in six months time.

You’ll thank us in July!

Plan Ahead: Summit Katahdin

Photo Credit: Jue Wang

Photo Credit: Jue Wang

(And enjoy the rest of Baxter State Park while you are at it)

Is this the year you finally conquer the Knife’s Edge; that final climb on the Appalachian Trail? While peak bagging Katahdin is not for families with little ones it’s certainly possible for a few families to spend a week here together and for some adults and teens to peel off and summit on day hikes. Plus, with all the canoeing, hiking, and moose photo opps, they’ll never miss you.

Summiting Katahdin is a lifelong dream for a lot of people and campsites are limited, so you need to be on the ball to get a spot.

What To Do: Baxter State Park allows bookings 4 months in advance, and those days that open up each week fill up immediately. Our suggestion? Pick a week you’d like to be there this summer, count back four months, and set a calendar event for that day with this link to their reservation center.

Need a little more motivation? Here is your goal…

Photo Credit: Alex Kerney

Photo Credit: Alex Kerney

Plan Ahead: Nickerson State Park In Brewster, MA

Photo Credit: Lizard10979

Photo Credit: Lizard10979

The ideal mix of family fun in a great spot, and cheap! 

Imagine, if you can, a campground on Cape Cod. You are probably conjuring images of either sand dunes, beaches or lobster-schlock…and possibly all three! Nickerson State Park, in Brewster, MA, has none of these. Instead, you’ll find campsites nestled into a beautiful woodland setting. Kettle ponds abound and their bike trail connects to the Cape Cod Rail Trail, which will take you all the way to Wellfleet, if you are so inclined.

With fire rings, swimming holes, bike trails, and its proximity to all things Cape Cod, this campground is just about the perfect scenario to stage a multi-family car-camp weekend.

What to Do:
Don’t dilly dally. You can reserve  your campsite up to six months in advance, which means many sites in June are already long gone. If you want to camp in June, book today if you can still find a spot. For July and August, select your dates, count back six months, and set a calendar event for that day with this link to their reservation center. If you wait, you’ll be kicking yourself this summer!

Plan Ahead: Odds and Ends

Here are a handful of New England traditions to commit to now, before it’s too late.