We Found It On Craigslist! 03.29.13

The title says it all. We search and curate for you. You click and view. So grab your coffee, settle into your Aero chair, try to look like you are working hard on those TPS reports and prepare to be inspired.


Schwinn Le Tour Racing Bike: You’ve got to love a vintage road bike that is described as “Like New”.  This is the kind of bike a smart person who loves biking would buy. No need to drop 3k when you can start the negotiations at < two bills and work from there.


Rear Bike Basket – $20: Attach this to your bike and you’ll instantly increase your haul-power. Good for: picnics, beer runs, frisbee golf, and up to three kids (just kidding).


Chariot Cougar 2 – $850: OK. This ain’t cheap. But if you want a stable, simple way to bring one or two little ones with you on long walks or bike rides (even x-country ski trips if you buy the attachments), this is the purchase for you. And when the kids are grown and gone, you can bring this on that x-country bike trip you’ve been imagining lately.


Kelty Trekker External Frame Backpack – $50: You may think you need the latest gear to enjoy an overnight camping trip but these classic external frame packs can carry a load without killing your back. They also make it easy to tie extra gear on the outside as well. All that, and if a bear mauls your pack while you are skinny dipping, you’re only out fifty bucks.


Gerry Baby Hiking Backpack – $20: Based on the fact this person was gifted this baby hauling backpack, we are guessing the price is negotiable. We suggest you offer to drop off a six pack of good local beer and see what happens. Even if you only use it for one season it’ll be worth the investment.


Cast Iron Pan Set, Skillet, Pot, Lodge – $30: Yes, we know the image is tiny. But hey, this is craigslist we are talking about so don’t complain. In real life, this pan is big and heavy. It’s not perfectly suited for long hikes in the backcountry–unless you are bringing your mules. But if you are car camping, you’ll be a hero when you pull these out of your trunk.


Redneck Fire Pit – $40: That’s right–It’s the innards of a washing machine repurposed as a fire pit. Act now and he may throw in that Camaro that’s been up on blocks in his front yard. You know the one, it’s been there since ’89 when his girlfriend told him it was ‘tasty‘.


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