Go Fly A Kite At Larz Anderson Park

Photo Credit: Karen Blaha

Photo Credit: Karen Blaha

Flying a kite may evoke memories of trees, knotted string, and waiting for wind, but when it all comes together, it’s pretty cool. No matter your age, you’ll never get tired of watching a kite climb higher and higher into the sky. Feeling it pull against their grip, kids get the added treat of feeling the responsibility of not losing it. There’s a twinge of fear in there too, being connected with something so high in the sky that seems to have a life of its own. That’s why it’s just one of those things you need to do every so often.  And when better to do it than April in New England? It’s warm enough to be outside having fun but still nice and gusty.

There are lots of great spots around Boston to fly a kite, but Larz Anderson Park is the one we love the most.

Photo Credit: Lee Glickenhaus

Photo Credit: Lee Glickenhaus

How to find it

If you have a GPS, enter 23 Newton St, Brookline, MA 02446 and hit the road.
Google Map
Parking is on the Goddard Street side of the park. If you want to get oriented to the entire park before heading out, review the park map.

Ideal Launchpad

The top of the hill is an ideal spot to fly a kite.  The wind is almost always blowing and there are plenty of great spots to lay out a blanket to soak in the tremendous view of the Boston skyline.


A blanket in the grass is the norm, but there are a couple other options as well.

  • There are 12 grill-having picnic spots available for full or half day rental.  Each site comes complete with a grill and a picnic table.
  • Feel like throwing a party? There’s a pimped out covered picnic area available for rental as well. It’s called “The Shelter” and it has 6 built-in grills, 8 picnic tables, can accommodate up to 85 of your closest friends, and is located right next to the playground.
  • Dessert? You will hear the music from an ice cream truck visiting the parking lot throughout the day.

Worth Considering

  • At the top of the hill, cross the small parking lot to see the shaded Italian garden (adjacent to the skating rink). It’s a mystical little spot.
  • The water garden (stocked with koi) is a must. The orange fish are huge and plentiful. The pond is scattered with footbridges and ornate spots like the “Temple of Love”.
  • Next to the parking lot there is a gated playground that is great for running your kids down before getting in the car to head home.
  • If you want to take an excursion, Allandale Farm (Boston’s last working farm) is a 5 minute drive from Larz Anderson Park. Their farm stand (w/e hours: 9am – 6pm) is a great place to pick up locally produced artisan food like brie and Clear Flour bread to bring with you to the park. Later in the growing season, stop in on the way home to bring home a dozen ears of Silver Queen sweet corn.

Nitty Gritty Details

  • Park Hours: Dawn ‘til Dusk
  • Admission costs: Free
  • Bathrooms: Men’s and Women’s bathrooms are located adjacent to the playground. There’s running water and a changing table.
  • Stroller Options: Not much, the trails are mostly gravel or grass. Best to leave it behind and walk or use a pack.
  • Drinking Water: There’s a bubbler at the playground but it’s a good idea to bring what you’ll need with you.
  • Facility Website: Lars Anderson Park
  • Phone Number:  617.730.2069 (Town of Brookline, Parks and Recreation)
  • GeocacheHere’s some info.
  • Need a Kite? Here are some you can buy online.


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