Overnight Options That Involve a Roof and Four Walls in Rockport, MA

Photo Credit: Harvey Barrison

Photo Credit: Harvey Barrison

All three of the inns listed below are right in the heart of downtown Rockport and they are all family friendly. Rockport is a great place to stay when the crowds are lighter (Read: not July or August). Yes, Rockport, we love you more now than we do in July. There, we said it.

Bearskin Neck Motor Lodge is on Bearskin Neck. What are the chances you could get a spot there in July?

Captain’s Bounty On The Beach offers you the opportunity to stay in the inn where the writer of this post, during a fit of rebellion, smoked his first clove cigarette with a group of welcoming, if disgruntled local, teens.

The Peg Leg Inn costs a little more, but it does offer the opportunity to pose in front of a wooden pirate.

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