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How To: Join (or start) A Weekly Bike Ride

If your bike is sitting in your basement/garage collecting cobwebs and you are looking for an easy way to motivate yourself to get outside and bike more—Join a group! Setting recurring plans with reminders (like, in your google calendar) will help you add it to your mental list of actual to-dos. Once your rides reside […]

Conquer Smugglers’ Notch By Bike In Stowe, VT

Up the ante with a difficult road ride: The Notch Road (Rte 108)to the peak of Smugglers’ Notch in Stowe, Vermont is steep and winding. It is not for beginners. Think twice before attempting to conquer this with your single gear beachcruiser or even a mountain bike. However, if you are a road rider, this will […]

Summit Mt Ascutney, On A Bike

Hey Dude, into the whole brevity thing? Here’s a race that starts at 9AM and will be over in time for you to make it to brunch(or your league bowling match). Only 3.7 miles separates you and your (road) bike from the summit of Mt Ascutney. Stage five of the 10 stage Bike Up the Mountain Point […]

VT50 Mountain Bike or Run

The VT50 has 50 miles of gorgeous back country trails just waiting for you. The question is, how do you want to tackle this. Are you wicked-nuts-crazy? Then just run the whole thing by yourself. Are you just normal-insane? Mountain bike it with a few friends. Closer to normal? Sign up for the relay run and […]

Plum Island Bike Ride

The wonderful thing about heading out to Plum Island for a bike ride is how many activities you can include in your day. In addition to cycling, pack your day with bird watching, building sand castles on the beach, exploring tidal pools, even take a short hike amongst the beauty of the North Shore. And […]

Mountain biking In Lynn Woods

Leave the little ones at home but impress your teenagers… While Lynn Woods may not be B.C. level mountain biking, it is definitely the most agro ride within an hour of Boston. It’s predominantly difficult single track with a lot of hills and some serious rock negotiations. Serious enough that the writer of this post […]

Mountain Biking In Chebacco Woods

Come for the gentle, smooth, fire roads, stay for the wookies. An entry level mountain bike adventure awaits you at Chebacco Woods. The terrain is mostly easy to moderate with nice pond views along your route. Take the kids and let them get a sense of how great biking in the woods can be so […]

Mountain Biking At Great Brook Farm

A great first ride for kids Want to initiate your family into the joys of mountain biking without worrying if they’ll be able to shred their way down a washout or peddle over gnarly roots without ditching on the side of the trail? Great Brook Farm in Carlisle, MA is the place for you. Lots of easy, groomed trails […]

Bike The Minuteman Bikeway In Bedford, MA

For something a bit more ambitious, the Minuteman Bikeway offers an 11 mile paved asphalt ride between the Alewife T stop and Bedford. While it is an off road multi-use trail, there are some street crossings involved. This trail also passes by Arlington’s Great Meadow and, as it so happens, the Minuteman trail is the best way to […]