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Take a Walk At Walden Pond in Concord, MA

The most obvious solution is to skip that lot and take a walk The lot at Walden Pond is awfully convenient if you’ve got a family that includes little kids and all the stuff they can’t carry. But it’s definitely not the only place to park if you’re willing to walk a bit.  There are […]

Final Thoughts For Walden Audibles

Ice cream. It’s always a great antidote for kids that are sad from not being able to go swimming. The Cedar Hill Dairy Joy is in nearby Weston. There are a variety of dining options in downtown Concord. Helen’s Restaurant is our favorite family friendly spot.

A Bike Ride On Battle Road Trail in Concord, MA

Photo Credit: Medeleine Ball   For something less urban, try out the Battle Road Trail that connects Lexington and Concord. As part of Minuteman National Park, this is a must do if revolutionary war history is of interest to you as the trail marks the path once undertaken by British soldiers from Boston to Concord. Markers along the […]