The Weston Town Green

Photo Credit: J.J. Toothman

Photo Credit: J.J. Toothman

How to find it

Set your GPS for the Weston Town Hall at 11 Townhouse Road, Weston, MA 02493 or find it on Google Maps

It’s great because…

If you’re looking for a postcard New England scene outside of the city with open space for kids of all ages to run around, this it.

Outdoor activities for everyone

There’s something to do in all seasons and weather.  When it’s warm and sunny out, bring a picnic and a frisbee. In the springtime, stroll and smell the blooming flowers. In autumn, relax on a park bench and watch the leaves fall. And when there’s a blanket of fresh snows, there’s enough room for cross country skiing and great sledding hills.

If you need some food or a restroom

Ye Olde Cottage Restaurant is 100 yards away. It’a simple diner type place with well prepared food. And it bleeds rustic charm. But note, by rustic charm, we mean that they only take cash and they don’t have a bathroom (I can’t figure that last one out, either)

So if you’re not carrying cash, head to the Bruegger’s Bagels across the street.  Right next to it, is Omni Foods, which in addition to having the closest bathroom you can use, is a decent market for stocking your own picnic.

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