Wow, A Comet!

Photo Credit: Alvise Vettor

Photo Credit: Alvise Vettor

Finally, an excuse to look at the sun!

This Sunday evening(March 10), if the skies are clear and the mood is right, take your loved ones outside to watch the sunset. There’s no need to tell them why, just get them out there.

A skosh to the left of that setting sun, you should see a bright object come into view. Feel free to point it out to see if they have any guesses as to what it could be. When it’s your turn you can inform them it’s the comet Pan-STARRS.

After you finish explaining to them it’s definitely not hurtling toward earth and you definitely don’t need to turn on your newly mounted dash cam, relax and take in the view. Tell them Pan-Starrs’ effect on earth will only be to make our sunsets more interesting for the next month or so as it passes close to the sun before hurtling off toward Pluto(which isn’t a planet anymore).

Now take a deep breath, relax, and enjoy the knowledge you just dropped.

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