Zip Through The Morning Near Great Barrington, MA


A different kind of adventure awaits just across the state line

OK, we’re 7 issues in now and “Zip Through the Morning” is probably the lamest headline we’ve included so far. The only other option was to include something out of the lyrics to the Velvet Underground song “Sunday Morning”.  But that’s a somewhat obscure song by a 60’s band most people don’t know about which would in turn mean that no one would get the reference.

But we digress. The point is…we’ve got some zipling on the Sunday morning itinerary.

It may be across state lines in New York, but Catamount Aerial Adventure Park is just 15 minutes from Great Barrington. And it features over 50 zip lines. That fact should be enough to help you decide if Catamount is for you. It’s our experience that people are either zip line lovers or haters.  There’s no in-between, “I sorta like it” types when it comes to zip lines. Catamount opens at 9 AM daily and will get more crowded as the day goes on, especially if it’s sunny out. Our suggestion is enjoy breakfast at Martin’s (49 Railroad Street) and be at Catamount close when it opens or shortly after.

Alternatively, a quicker breakfast with a high quality selection of grab and go options can be found at the Berkshire Co-Op Market at 42 Bridge Street. If you don’t head to the co-op in the morning, it makes a logical place to stop by for lunch before finally heading eastward towards Boston.

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