Dinosaur Footprints In Holyoke, MA

Just a few minutes past Greenfield lies bucolic Holyoke, MA. And in Holyoke we have found a spot that will surely widen your kids’ eyes. In fact, we recommend not even telling them why you are going to Holyoke just to up the surprise factor when you get out on the trail. Perhaps, add this stop on to the beginning or end of your trip to Greenfield. Either way, it’ll be cool. There is a short walk along the Connecticut River and it is littered with dinosaur tracks. That’s right, dinosaur tracks. We dare you to try explaining the concept of ‘190 million years ago’ to your children in the car on the ride home.

Incidentally, Dinosaur tracks is not a sanctioned swimming area but it does happen to be right along the Connecticut River and folks have been known to swim there before…but you didn’t hear it from us!

Directions: 193 High St, Holyoke, MA 01040
Admission: Free!

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