Summit Mt Ascutney, On A Bike


Photo Credit: Bareknuckleyellow

Hey Dude, into the whole brevity thingHere’s a race that starts at 9AM and will be over in time for you to make it to brunch(or your league bowling match). Only 3.7 miles separates you and your (road) bike from the summit of Mt Ascutney. Stage five of the 10 stage Bike Up the Mountain Point Series (BUMPS) will have you out of your seat virtually the entire way as you gain 2,300 feet of elevation on your way to the finish line. Make sure your cheering section drives up to the summit before the race so they can be there to rattle cow bells for you as you conquer the last 100 feet of the climb.

Feeling that tri-training coming through? You can get up the next morning and run the same route!

When: 9AM, Saturday July 21, 2012
Where: At the base of Ascutney State Park
Where To Stay: Want to be one with nature? You can camp out right where the race is held in Ascutney State Park. However, consider The Woodstock Inn in nearby Woodstock, VT as well. After a day like this, you deserve the best bath and bed (not to mention brunch) in the area.

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