Take a Walk Through The North End in Boston, MA

Photo Credit: Massachusetts Dept. of Environmental Protection

Photo Credit: Massachusetts Dept. of Environmental Protection

Look North, sort of

A leisurely walk through the North End can take up the better part of a day and will give your kids an alternate view of city life. Old Italians sitting on (possibly, but not definitely) older wooden chairs on the sidewalk (smoking like they haven’t heard it’s bad for you), cobblestone streets, specialty markets…you know what it’s like. But instead of heading right into the thick of the North End, follow the ocean instead. Take the meandering Boston Harborwalk from Christopher Columbus Park to the other side of the North End. While snaking up and back on all of the piers, you’ll pass the Boston Sailing Center, the Boston US Coast Guard base, and spot some luxury boats that will make your house feel self conscious about its square feet.

The walk can be as long as you’d like it to be. If your legs are strong, walk all the way around to the end of Prince Street, and then down Prince until you hit food nirvana. But if your kids are slowing down before that, don’t worry. At any point on the walk you can turn away from the ocean and walk right into the North End.


  • If you google “Where to eat in the North End” you will get exactly 83,300,000 results. NorthEndBoston.com is first, and a look through their site makes it easy to see why. Just make sure you hit the trifecta: an authentic italian meal, a strong espresso, and a decadent pastry.
  • If you happen to be there on the weekend of August 25-26, you’ll get the added cultural bonus of Saint Anthony’s Feast. It’s in full swing from noon-11pm on both days. Don’t forget to bring a few extra dollar bills for the statue.
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