Mountain biking In Lynn Woods

Photo Credit: Robert S. Donovan

Photo Credit: Robert S. Donovan

Leave the little ones at home but impress your teenagers…

While Lynn Woods may not be B.C. level mountain biking, it is definitely the most agro ride within an hour of Boston. It’s predominantly difficult single track with a lot of hills and some serious rock negotiations. Serious enough that the writer of this post once cracked a few ribs (and a bike frame) on a descent from the stone(r) tower.

That said, it’s great! The view from the top of the tower looks out over the ocean and back at Boston – you’ll be surprised how outdoorsy you are able to be so close to the big city.

Be sure to bring a spare tire or patch kit, there are a few areas with some broken glass.

Eat Up: After your ride grab some grub at Tacos Lupita or Pho Minh Ky. Both spots are inexpensive and excellent.


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