Kites and Bike Festival at Franklin Park, Boston, MA

Photo Credit: Edward Opolopilous

Photo Credit: Edward Opolopilous

A dynamic duo comes to Franklin Park this weekend.

If you’ve been with Outdoor Fun Club since the beginning, you already know about the special place in our hearts reserved exclusively for kite flying. Thus, it would be an injustice on our part to not let you know about the Kite and Bike Festival taking place in Franklin Park on Saturday, May 19,

You see, anytime there’s the potential to look up and watch hundreds of kites flying in the sky, the memory making meter dials itself to 11. But the Franklin Park Kite and Bike Festival goes well beyond being a Saturday in the park where the community gets together to fly their kites. Read on to find out how this event rocks for the entire family.

Build your own kite

Yes you can buy one there, but that’s not nearly as fun as building one

Not surprisingly, the Franklin Park Kite and Bike Festival will feature a variety of kites available for sale starting at $5. Additionally, the first 50 people to the festival will receive a free kite.  Cheap is good.  And free can be even better. But neither of those options is as appealing as building your own kite. In addition to the joy of building and launching your own flying device, you’ll learn about the different parts of the kite, like the spine and the bridle. This should give you enough knowledge to build your own kites all summer long.

It’s also a hundred times cooler to name a kite you actually built. We’re planning on naming our kite “Megaguirus” – which was a dragonfly monster in a really bad Godzilla film. What will you name yours?

Photo Credit: Rob Lucas

Photo Credit: Rob Lucas

Free Bike Rentals

You know, like how you wish Hubway was

Unless you’re a college student who doesn’t own a car, you probably have a love-hate relationship with Hubway. You love the concept of readily available cruiser bikes that you could pick up at bike racks all over Boston. But you hate the pricing structure.

Not only will bikes be available for use at The Franklin Park Kite and Bike Festival, but the rental cost will be very affordable. As in, free. Even bikes with training wheels will be available. Helmets, too. There’s really no reason not to jump on a bike and cruise Franklin Park.

As an added bonus, you don’t have to worry about having to bring your kids’ Huffy on the T.

The Details

May 19, 12pm-4pm

At Franklin Park Playstead ballfield, between the rear of the zoo and White Stadium.

Parking may be a challenge due to a zoo event.  A good alternative would be take the T (bus #16, 22, 29 and 44) or walk to the park. If you leave your car on Seaver Street or Walnut Ave, it’s a 5 minute walk to the Playstead.

What to bring

Cash – If you want to buy food from the festival vendors, they aren’t likely to take American Express. Another reason to bring some cash – it may be hard to resist buying a new kite on this day.

This last one is a MUST BRING ALONG. A blanket to spread out on the grass. At some point, you definitely want to get all of your loved ones to stretch out, look up, and daydream while watching a hundred kites dance in the breeze.


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